Rod Paterson
(also with Pete Clark and with Tryst)

Rod Paterson is a celebrated performer of traditional song and probably the finest Scottish folk singer of his generation. Rod has a marvellously rich and expressive voice and a reputation as an unequalled interpreter of the songs of Scotland.  He was first discovered in the 'folk scene' as the principal singer with 'Chorda', and 'Jock Tamson's Bairns', and rapidly moved on to play with 'The Easy Club' the most influential Scottish band in the mid to late eighties. As well as touring widely with various bands, most recently 'Ceolbeg' and the re-formed Jock Tamson's Bairns, he is an accomplished soloist who has a warm relationship with his audience.

Rod is a member of Tryst , a trio also represented by the agency whose bio appears elsewhere on this web site.

Pete Clark is an outstanding fiddle player with a steadily growing reputation. Together Rod and Pete present songs and tunes with passion and a deep understanding of the music of Scotland.

'Rod is arguably one of Scotland's finest singers - this album adds considerable weight to that argument ... to be filed under essential listening.' -Folk Roots

'Rod is an outstanding singer by any standards. His voice combines strength, purity, clarity and a warmth of tone that makes it unmistakable. Each of the 16 tracks is a delight.' - Vic Smith in The Folk Diary

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